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Can you remove the brass ring?


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Stumps Puzzles - can you remove the brass ring?

A few of our puzzles

Stumps Puzzles are made in the U.S.A. from cherry wood, sturdy nylon rope, colorful wooden beads, and solid brass rings.

They can survive years of torment... both theirs and yours!

Often referred to as "puzzle sculptures", these brainteasers are great gifts for the puzzle fan who has it all! They look handsome (just like Stump!) on a desk or table top.

Considered "Topological puzzles ", Stumps Puzzles are great educational toys that improve concentration and help develop common sense... but don't tell the kids...

Most of all, Stumps Puzzles are just great fun!

Basic: A C D E H J                Intermediate: A G K N Q S               Advanced: F L M P R T


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